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Corporate and not for broadcast Case Study

Drama On The Moors
Moorland Association | ST16 | Communicators in Business Award winner

The KeeperEdale National Park is a beautiful place - 200 acres of managed moorland that's great for walking and relaxing. But how do you communicate to its 24 million visitors per year the dangers of accidental fire and disturbance of wildlife - as well as change people's perceptions of the gamekeeper's role?

To get across the key messages to adults and children alike, Stafford-based production company ST16 created a promotional drama.

A young boy, separated from his school party and lost on the moors, is helped by the (real) gamekeeper Fred to find his way back.

During their encounter the boy learns many of the moorland's fascinating secrets - and the audience come to appreciate the key role of the gamekeeper in maintaining a natural balance and protecting many species including ground-nesting birds like grouse.

Our client edited their pictures in-house on FCP, and roughly track-layed the guide soundtrack. Then The Audio Suite was engaged to dialogue edit and mix the drama, and to create authentic soundscapes of native birds and wildlife, to match to the wildlife footage from the moors.

Our Virtual Dubbing Theatre, accessed via our Cloud Audio Post service was used extensively by ST16 during post-production - for picture transfer, work-in-progress mixes and final sound delivery.

The film was turned around quickly and cost-effectively, and is now showing in a dedicated projection theatre in Edale's brand new visitor centre; it won a Communicators in Business AV class award on launch.

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