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Corporate and not for broadcast

If you run your own in-house editing facility, you're probably already satisfying most of your picture post-production requirements - but all too often we've heard clients express concern that the Sound element of their editing process is just not matching the quality of their pictures...

If this applies to you, don't worry - we can definitely help.

When the budget is tight, we deliver a fast turn-around, high quality service that guarantees to concentrate every penny on-screen, by improving your viewers listening experience.

One easy and incredibly cost-effective way to instantly transform the sound-quality of your production, is to utilise the smooth, sure touch of our mixing on your soundtrack.

You tracklay, we mix. It's as simple as that...

Combine our mixing with one of our crystal-clear, punchy, voice recordings, and we guarantee to bring an unprecedented clarity to any programme, ensuring that important narrative details are not lost or buried somewhere in the sound.

Our recordings are delivered digitally back to you as frame-accurate Broadcast Wave files, downloadable from our server, ready for quick and direct import on to your Avid or Final Cut Pro editing system.

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