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I can say on behalf of myself and my producers at This Morning that we have always been delighted with the FAST, EFFICIENT, accommodating and friendly service we have received from all the team at The Audio Suite - and I have found their online system to be faultless!

Martin Harper, Senior Producer
'This Morning'

Our onlineTVmixing® prices

Here's a tool to help calculate your investment with the onlineTVmixing® service...

Simply enter some basic details of your programme in the table below, rounding-up running time to the nearest minute.

All prices shown are for:

The calculation tool excludes VAT, the cost of Voice Talent and the cost of sourcing and supplying music.

Our minimum charge for the onlineTVmixing® service is £150.

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur" - Paul 'Red' Adair

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