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Journeyman - a new book from Neil Hillman MPSE

Browse inside Journeyman HERE!

'Journeyman' is the enthralling and thoroughly entertaining story of the evolution of professional digital audio, told one bit at a time. It is also the new book from Sound Designer, Re-recording Mixer, Sound Supervisor and Location Sound Recordist, Neil Hillman MPSE.

Neil has worked in film and television for more than 30 years, and for over 20 of those, he has written professionally and passionately on sound and broadcasting-related matters.

An authoritative, accessible and at times irreverent, retrospective view of the most significant decade of digital development in the professional audio-for-picture sector, it is written with humour and passion from first-hand, operational experience.

In this lavishly illustrated book Neil draws on his contemporary magazine reviews to map the way in which we now record, edit and mix was arrived at; highlighting the key pieces of what he was once overheard as describing as 'a rather big and actually quite complicated jigsaw puzzle'.

The Foreword is written by Andy Farnell, Author of 'Designing Sound'; and there are glowing cover endorsements from David Sonnenschein, the Author of best-selling 'Sound Design' and Eddy Joseph, a multiple BAFTA-winning Supervising Sound Editor.

For the best prices, order Journeyman directly from the Publisher HERE