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Our Podcasting service

This section tells you more about our podcasting service, under the following headings...

We're passionate about podcasting - because we know that when you start podcasting, you'll benefit from a truly unique way to stand out from the competition; and the great news is that SuiteTalk is an incredibly quick, easy and cost-effective way for you to add a powerful content element to your marketing mix.

Podcasting is a communication tool, and therefore your podcast is only as good as the content you provide to your audience. Our copywriters, technicians and product specialists work closely with you to make sure that you always offer the most relevant content for your listeners.

The increased online visibility that podcasting can bring to your business is truly amazing. Your podcast could be in front of 40 million iTunes listeners simply by us establishing an iTunes-compatible RSS podcast feed for you - and that is just one outlet for your podcast; there are several other powerful RSS distribution channels. Podcast search engine Podcast resources currently has over 90,000 individual podcasts listed for download and subscription.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo! will also look for your RSS podcasting feed and register any notes that are linked to your podcast.

But regardless of the subject, good audio recording still remains the most essential component of any online offering, and Recording and Encoding audio for the web requires a skilful blend of traditional techniques with cutting-edge processes; skills provided in abundance by The Audio Suite.

With you as the focus of our attention, our commitment is to provide you with complete peace-of-mind; ensuring that you are secure in the knowledge that our award-winning, highly-experienced Sound Editors will deliver new levels of quality and creativity to you and your project: on-time and on-budget.