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Voice Studio

Commentary, ISDN and ADR recording and transmission

Voice studioWe offer a choice of microphones, including: Neumann (TLM 103, cardioid), Sennheiser (2 x 416, hyper-cardioid), SE Electronics (SE 3300, cardioid, omni and figure-of-eight), Rode (NTG-2, hyper-cardioid) and Pearl (MS8, stereo shotgun), matched-pair AKG (C460EB, cardioid); as well as personal microphones from Sanken (Cos-11, omni) and Sennheiser (ME-2, omni), used to blend commentary or replaced dialogue with 'pieces-to-camera'.

As well as offering assignable headphone monitoring, local and remote talkback, and a burnt-in time-code picture monitor for commentary and ADR sessions, this area is also used for small Foley recording sessions.

The voice studio is frequently used as a broadcast 'one plus one' studio for talk-radio content providers; linked via MPEG-ISDN or G711 phone-patch to remote BBC and independent radio stations. Voice sessions may also be directed and monitored from stand-alone 'remote' locations, from any standard telephone.

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