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Why use us for podcasting

At The Audio Suite, we believe that your B2B podcasts deserve the same passion, dedication and craft that we lavish on the film, commercials and television soundtracks we also create in our studios. Rest assured - you are in safe, experienced hands.

So how does marketing with podcasts work?

Podcasting is a powerful communication tool for your business. You may currently use other marketing tools such as your website, a newsletter or email marketing as mediums to communicate messages to your target audience - but there are problems with trying to market just through these channels.

People don't always get your email due to sensitive Spam filters. They don't come back and visit your website, or read your newsletter. People actually have to make an effort to read your content. With a podcast, they can actually stream the audio and let it play while they are doing other tasks at their computer. People prefer to multitask like this, in order to be more efficient with the use of their time.

Additionally, listeners most enjoy value-added audio content that is specific to their areas of interest; so the quality and content of your podcast will have a higher perceived value by your target market.

A podcast from The Audio Suite will ensure that your marketing message is presented to your customers and prospects in the best possible way.