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Your Regional Hub for Audio post Production

Take a fresh look at why outsourcing your audio to us will really work well...

A fresh approach to outsourced audio through Kaizen...'Better, Faster, Cheaper' is our Kaizen mantra that means we constantly examine our production processes and pipeline; not once in a while, but by careful team analysis with your Production staff and picture editor before and after every single commission - whether it's a broadcast series of 20 1-hour programmes, an internal comms programme, or a viral video. We lovingly mix and craft all of our work.

As we have with many major Production Companies, we become your trusted creative Audio Partner. Working like this, we've delivered the finished sound for hundreds of hours of prime-time network Television.

Along the way we've collected several Royal Television Society awards, Gold and Silver medals in the New York and LA Film Festivals and numerous non-broadcast IVCA and Communicators in Business awards.

Our workflow adapts and adjusts to meet that of your choice of picture editing facility and style - which means nothing interferes with where or how you cut your pictures - you simply make the decision to seamlessly outsource your sound, with the associated cost benefits, in the most efficient way possible.

For broadcast Production Companies, we can even be instrumental in enabling your programme to qualify for Ofcom's Regional Quota status, without even changing where you cut your pictures...

Our commitment to service means complete peace of mind - through knowing that we will deliver new levels of quality and creativity to your project; on-budget, on-time, every time.

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