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About Dr. Neil Hillman

Neil Hillman joined UK broadcaster Central Independent Television in 1982 after graduating in Electronics from Aston University, leaving in 1990 to become a freelance Sound Supervisor / Mixer / Recordist. He founded The Audio Suite in 2002 to better serve an increasing demand for him as a Sound Designer and Re-recording Mixer and he continues this feature film work alongside his role as a Supervising Sound Editor; uniquely acting as a single point of contact for Producers for both production sound (location sound recording) and post-production sound. As an aside to post-production, he also operates as a drama and documentary Sound Recordist on location and as a Sound Supervisor / Engineer on Outside Broadcasts.

In 2019, the feature film ‘Scott and Sid’, one of many feature films recorded on location by Neil, won ‘Best British Film’ at the National Film Awards. He was awarded a prestigious Royal Television Society ‘Best Production Craft Skills’ award for his Sound Design and Re-recording skills in 2010, he is a past multiple winner for sound design from the New York and Los Angeles Festivals and he has amassed over 700 individual IMDb credits across more than 100 separate titles.

Under the ‘Dr. Neil Hillman’ banner, his Consultancy practice aids clients such as equipment manufacturers and systems suppliers in the product design, development and application stages of their new products; as well as advising end-users on creating more efficient workflow through the integration of new technology into existing production arrangements.

Neil Hillman is not just a highly-experienced practitioner, but additionally he is an academic, an author and a speaker. His PhD concerning emotion in sound design was completed within the University of York’s Department of Theatre, Film and Television, presenting a thesis entitled ‘A new sound mixing framework for enhanced emotive sound design within contemporary moving-picture audio production and post-production.’

As well as regularly teaching undergraduates and delivering post-graduate modules at the University of York, Neil has been a guest lecturer and an invited speaker at many other institutions; presenting his thoughts through talks on sound, strategy and business in places such as the BBC Academy, Birmingham City University, the Birmingham Conservatoire, the University of Gloucestershire, the University of Staffordshire and the University of Ulster; as well as the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) Brisbane and Queensland University of Technology, in Australia.

Neil can be contacted with consultation, speaking and teaching enquiries through the contact form on this website.

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Academic Papers

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Academic Publication

Hillman, N. (2019), Foundations in Sound Design – Post-Production II. The Mix Stems: Voice, Effects, Music. (Chapter.) London: Routledge


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