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Heather Reinman

Heather Reinman at IMDb

Joint Managing Director | Facility and Personal Manager

Heather Reinman - Facility Manager Recently stepping-up to the board after serving five years as The Audio Suite's Facility Manager, Heather is often the friendly, first-point-of-contact for clients; insisting that her new Executive responsibilities should still involve her dealing directly with our clients. It's here that Heather's considerable experience in being customer-facing ensures that any need for information is quickly answered. Her totally un-flappable nature belies a dogged determination to make sure that all of our clients consistently receive a five-star service (and that when Neil Hillman is engaged by a client, he is in the right place at the right time, wherever that might be in the world.)

Her gentle, relaxed touch has something to do with coming from the antipodes, apparently. She disguises it well, but listen carefully and you'll still hear the accent...

Heather describes her hobby as Racketball (the rest of us call it an obsession) although as a formally trained professional Haute Couture seamstress, her passion remains in working with fabrics.

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