The Audio Suite is a highly-regarded UK digital audio company that is based in Birmingham, whilst serving a global client base.

Our two in-house mixing rooms and voice studio are primarily the personal workspace of film Sound Designer and Supervising Sound Editor Neil Hillman MPSE, but these facilities are also made available to external clients from time to time, as and when feature film workload allows.

We offer the convenience and easy accessibility for remote access to our in-house facilities and have an extensive and impressive track-record in audio post-production, including many hundreds of hours of prime-time television programmes, TV and cinema commercials, feature films, internal, external and business-to-business communications, podcasts and talking books. Please feel free to call for studio availability.

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We offer a full range of audio production and post-production services, including:
  • Sound Design
  • Editing and Mixing
  • ADR (with ISDN remote access)
  • TV commentary recording (with ISDN remote access)
  • Voice Over (with ISDN remote access)
  • Professional podcasting and Talking Book production
  • Location sound recording

What we’re getting up to…

All of our television and commercial mixes meet the stringent EBU-R128 standard; and audio assets are delivered securely to clients via our private and encrypted Cloud Audio Post server.

We’re also experienced in creating Cinema commercials. We arrange Dolby certification through our long-standing associations with partner studios.

For ‘remote’ VO and ADR sessions, our Pronto 2 ISDN codec is simple to connect with, compatible with almost all other studio ISDN codecs, offers G711, G722 and MPEG encoding modes and our free pre-booking line check guarantees a smooth session.

Please note that all clients are asked to settle our studio fees before a VO or ADR session commences.

About Us.

The Audio Suite is a very different kind of sound studio.

We are a unique, award-winning Sound Design consultancy lead by Neil Hillman MPSE. We provide bespoke, high value-added audio post-production services for feature film clients that includes sound design, sound supervising, dialogue and sound effects recording and editing; as well as offering an ISDN-linked ADR and voice recording service that has been used on feature film productions such as ‘Lincoln’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ and notable television drama series such as ‘Ackley Bridge’, ‘Ibiza Weekender’ and ‘Dr. Who’.

“When the sound is bad, you notice the sound…
When the sound is good, you notice the pictures.”
Neil Hillman

“The eye sees better when the sound is great.”
Steven Spielberg

‘We chose Neil Hillman and The Audio Suite for this project because of their first-class reputation and proximity to talent. We were pleased with their contribution to the film and impressed with the ease in which The Audio Suite studios and our sound team at Skywalker Sound were able to work together, linking the two studios in real time to accomplish the necessary work.”
Mark Graziano, Vice President of Post-Production for DreamWorks.

The Audio Suite

The Audio Suite is a leading UK digital audio company, serving a global client base, yet offering in-house convenience.

We are a long-established supplier to major advertising agencies, Indies, Super Indies and creative corporate clients; as well as major broadcast channels.

We create and craft soundtracks for the world that your ideas inhabit… Giving them impact and meaning… Making the message memorable for your audience.

Neil Hillman MPSE

Neil Hillman leads The Audio Suite’s sound design practice, and he has a reassuringly extensive and impressive track-record in audio post-production: including credits for mixing many hundreds of hours of prime-time television programmes; TV and cinema commercials; feature films; as well as internal, external and business-to-business communications, podcasts and Audible ‘Best Seller’ Talking Books.

See a list of his IMDb credits HERE.

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