About Us

The Audio Suite is a very different kind of sound studio.

We are a unique, award-winning Sound consultancy: a team that is led by Dr. Neil Hillman MPSE. We provide bespoke, high value-added audio post-production services for feature film clients that includes sound design, sound supervising, as well as dialogue and sound effects editing. We’ve also been used on feature film productions such as ‘Lincoln’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’, and notable television drama series such as ‘Bridgerton’, ‘Line of Duty’ and ‘Dr. Who’.

“When the sound is bad, you notice the sound…
When the sound is good, you notice the pictures.”
Neil Hillman

“The eye sees better when the sound is great.”
Steven Spielberg

“We chose Neil Hillman and The Audio Suite for this project [‘Lincoln’] because of their first-class reputation and proximity to talent. We were pleased with their contribution to the film and impressed with the ease in which The Audio Suite studios and our sound team at Skywalker Sound were able to work together, linking the two studios in real time to accomplish the necessary work.”
Mark Graziano, Vice President of Post-Production for DreamWorks.

Who we are…

The Audio Suite – now part of The Sound Producer group of companies – is a leading digital audio company, serving a global client base remotely and online, whilst retaining the comforting feel of an in-house facility.

For close to a quarter-century, we have been a trusted supplier to major advertising agencies, Indies, Super Indies and creative corporate clients; as well as the major broadcast channels. We also now operate in the southern hemisphere.

Our high-quality audio solutions are designed for features, broadcast and corporate film makers, whilst our Sound Consultant and Sound Producer services provide support for projects with complex workflow and exacting delivery requirements.

As a sound design practice we use imagination, ingenuity, inventiveness and originality, utilising all aspects of sound, to develop, reinforce and intensify visual images. We give them impact, we make them memorable.

We create and craft soundtracks for the world that your ideas inhabit… Giving them impact and meaning… Making the message memorable for your audience… All of which results in increased levels of emotional engagement.

The Audio Suite is one third of the Sound Producer Group, that also comprises of the Sound for Moving Pictures academy, providing fundamental sound training for next generation filmmakers, and The Sound Coach, offering 1-to-1 support for serious and ambitious developing professionals.

Creativity based on experience...

Neil Hillman MPSE leads The Audio Suite, and he has a reassuringly extensive and impressive track-record in location sound recording, audio production and audio post-production: including credits for editing and mixing many hundreds of hours of prime-time television programmes; feature films; TV and cinema commercials; as well as internal, external and business-to-business communications, podcasts and Audible ‘Best Seller’ Talking Books. Outside of the studio, Neil has been engaged as an audio engineer by the Host Broadcasters for the London 2012, Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020ne Olympic and Paralympic games, as well as an audio mixer for the Glasgow 2014, Gold Coast 2018 and Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Recent sound design and mixing work includes the opening and closing ceremonies of the Solomon Islands 2023 Pacific Games, and Reality TV shows 'Love Island USA' and 'Love Island Games'.

Neil's 2017 Ph.D. by Practice concerned 'Emotion in Sound Design', the first of its kind, and allows a unique perspective to be brought to achieving enhanced audience engagement for client soundtracks.

As a feature film Sound Producer he works at Producer-level, with executive responsibilities for a project's sound bible in pre-production; and then by overseeing both the production sound and audio post-production stages, he ensures a project's soundtrack has emotional impact, is consistent to the Director's vision, and meets the Producer's budget. From concept and drafts, right through to completion and delivery.

See a list of Neil's 1,000+ IMDb credits HERE

The three businesses in The Sound Producer group of companies are: