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High-end location sound recording.

No two jobs are ever the same, just as no two scripts are carbon-copies of each other, but what remains a constant for us is our determination to gather the best possible location sound to take into post-production.

Neil Hillman MPSE and Jonny Boom It has been our privilege to work with gifted DoP's, amazing Directors and shrewd Producers, and our ability to service a feature film from location recording all the way through audio-post to the final theatrical mix, has become recognized as one of our most-valued 'Unique Selling Points'.

Our location recording service begins with Neil Hillman MPSE as Head of Department / Production Mixer along with his experienced Sound Assistant / boom swinger, and they arrive on set comprehensively equipped with tools that include:

Neil Hillman's sound trolley Sound Devices 664 and 633 audio recorders,
Audio Developments AD149 mixing desk,
6 x Audio 2040 diversity radio microphones,
2 x Sennheiser 416 boom microphones,
2 x AKG CK1/460EB boom microphones,
6 x Sennheiser in-ear monitors,
Radio link to camera,
Lockit timecode camera module,
Denecke timecode slate,
Blackmagic SDI dual picture monitor.

Our seamless pre-production, production and post-production service is designed to give Producers greater peace of mind and Directors better continuity, ensuring that the finished result bears close resemblance to what was first visualized, with the added flexibility of being able to evolve the soundtrack at any stage of the production process.

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