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Bespoke Sound Design and Production, audio-Post, Voice-Over, ISDN, ADR and location sound recording...

Steven Spielberg s  Lincoln .

'We chose Neil Hillman and The Audio Suite for this project because of their first-class reputation and proximity to talent. We were pleased with their contribution to the film and impressed with the ease in which The Audio Suite studios and our sound team at Skywalker Sound were able to work together, linking the two studios in real time to accomplish the necessary work."
Mark Graziano, Vice President of Post-Production for DreamWorks.

"The eye sees better when the sound is great"
Steven Spielberg.

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The Audio Suite - the BIG little studios!

The Audio Suite is a unique, award-winning international sound design consultancy lead by Neil Hillman.

The company provides bespoke, high value-added post-production, ADR and Voice Over sound services from two compact and exceptionally appointed mixing rooms, as well as high-end location sound recording.

Whilst the in-house studios are primarily the personal workspace of film Sound Designer / Supervising Sound Editor Neil Hillman MPSE, these facilities are also made available to external clients from time to time, as and when feature film workload allows. Please feel free to call for availability.

The two mixing rooms and adjoining ISDN-linked voice studio are located in a peaceful, leafy suburb and are a convenient 10-minute cab ride from Birmingham's city-centre, or a modest train journey from London to the south or equally, Manchester to the north.

A newly-opened Audio Suite sound design practice also operates from its Jacaranda Studios, in Australia.

With attention to detail as our hallmark, you can hear the work we carry out daily on BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Discovery and National Geographic, on many commercials, as well as our contribution to major feature films and television programming from companies as diverse as DreamWorks and Disney TV Animation. All of our broadcast mixes meet the stringent R128 standard.

The Audio Suite's consultancy and sound services are also designed to benefit progressive, non-broadcast video production companies, advertising agencies, B2B / B2C marketing professionals, conference organizers and talking book producers, who all demand excellence and fresh ways to deliver imaginative and authoritative sound production to their clients. Whether you need straightforward audio advice or a more considered consultation, The Audio Suite will be delighted to consider your project.

With a unique blend of talent, experience and energy, The Audio Suite can fulfill your needs for an audio expert: be it a Sound Designer, Supervising Sound Editor, audio post-production Mixer, Outside Broadcast Sound Supervisor or a location Sound Recordist; and can comprehensively take care of your audio - from conception to transmission, from mono to multi-channel.

"When the sound is bad, you notice the sound. When the sound is good, you notice the pictures."
Neil Hillman

RTS winner 2010 - Best Production Craft Skills RTS winner 2010 - Handle With Care. RTS winner 2009 - Speed Dating. Click to view 2010 New York Film Festival Silver - The 13th Day 2008 New York Film Festival Gold - Steamy Windows RTS winner 2004 - Soul Boy. Click to view RTS winner 2001 - Butt Ugly Martians. Click to view
IVCA Gold 2008 - Steamy Windows. Click to view CiB 2007 - The Keeper. CiB 2008 - Missing Matthew. CiB 2009 - We are Norgren Conch Award Nomination - TV Facility of the Year 2008